ChatGPT + Wolfram Alpha

A big moment in the history of AI, with potentially huge ramifications. As the redoubtable Jensen Huang put it – it’s AI’s ‘iPhone moment’. I’d agree with this.

ChatGPT Gets Its “Wolfram Superpowers”!

ChatGPT is allowing the development of plugins:

A couple of discussions to absorb (ignore the gushy breathlessness and hype – there are some useful insights) :

I’m putting these links up as a spur to discussion, as they cover very important developments in AI and computing. Of course, the scholarly and scientific analyses of these will come later – so for now, take everything with several large grains of salt. Nevertheless, it is an instance where the rate of technological change far exceeds the rate of scientific analysis, ethical competence or legal constraint.

As these developments have only occurred within the last 24hrs or so, they have enabled me to rethink some of the approaches I’ve been taking for our residency – that I’ll detail in a future post. Exciting times!

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